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Rising to the Challenge

Important lessons have been learned in recent years about how to maximise budgets and IT performance, resulting in careful IT planning for the future. IT leaders realise that cloud computing technology has a significant role to play within enterprise organisations either now or in the future.

2011 Global IT Leadership Report

Going into 2012, our latest survey reveals that although CIO's remain responsive to economic developments and market fluctuations, they have switched from survival mode to carefully planning for business stability and preparing for potential growth. Cloud computing is at the heart of this strategy, enabling enterprise IT departments to transform into agile, responsive drivers of innovation.

After an extensive global survey of 480 CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors and Heads of IT in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Singapore from enterprise organisations, Savvis is pleased to present Strategies for Change, an in-depth research report that examines the strategic priorities of these companies. This report examines the strategic priorities of these companies and their considerations for outsourcing and cloud computing to provide strategic advantage.

Within this report we present:

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What you'll discover:
IT leaders have a growing confidence in outsourcing IT infrastructure and cloud computing services as keys to operating their organisations differently, more efficiently and more competitively.